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FREE PRINTABLES!  I love teachers.  I love anyone who spends time helping kids learn and feel valuable.  Thank you!  To help you with your work, here are some free printables!  Please enjoy them in your class, home, church, scouting troop, road trip, family reunion... pretty much anywhere as long as you don't resell them.  (I retain all copyright to these images.) I hope they help your day go better and a kid feel successful!

Click on the image you like to download the full size PDF.  Print at 100%, don't "scale to fit media" (even if the computer tells you they're bigger than the paper).  They're formatted perfectly for 8.5x11" paper, I left plenty of white border so they shouldn't get cut off. 

And seeing my work being shared gives me life.  It's like a collaborative art project we're doing together!  Share it with me!  Tag me on Instagram @aprylstott or  FB/aprylstottillustration.  You will make my day, guaranteed!

"I Love Your More Than" Ornament


New Christmas Handprints!
(Fits in a standar 8x10 frame - perfect Grandparent Gift!)


Koala Hugs Sign

(Make a Thank You for your fearless UPS/USPS/FedEx delivery person!  Or your grandma!  Koala can hug them for you...)


Easter Bunny Printable!

(Hang up in your window to add some Spring Flair to your neighborhood!)



Decorate Your Own!

Flower Crown

Super Majestic Unicorn Seal Coloring Page

(Seriously, So Majestic!)


Halloween Pumpkins (draw in your own jack o'lantern face)

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