HI THERE!   I’m Apryl Stott, and I wrote this book.  Thank you for stopping to take a look!  I wish I could meet you in person so we could have a chat about being a kid, raising kids, trying our best and this book on kindness.  

I KNOW that practicing kindness is not always easy (especially when the people around us just aren’t cooperating.  Being human is hard.)  Sometimes practicing kindness take a lot of practice.  My favorite proverb is, “A beautiful thing is never perfect.”  We will probably never be perfect at being kind.  That’s ok.  Don’t let that stop us from trying our best!

“When life gets dark as winter’s night, share some kindness, bring some light.”  When we help other people, it really helps us.  We all kinda need that right now.  And I really want to see what you’re doing to share kindness.  It makes my heart super happy.  



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