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about Apryl Stott

Oh! Hey! You clicked on my Bio & Contact! Now I can tell you that I have a new book with Simon & Schuster called "Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light" and I am SO EXCITED!  Check out my Book Page and follow my socials for updates!  Hooray!


I grew up in Southern California. I left the beach to get my degree in Illustration & Design at Brigham Young University. After that I did an internship in NYC at HarperCollins. We now live in the wild, wild west (Reno, NV) where I spend my days drawing, searching pinterest and then drawing some more.  I have a family and a dog, and they're both the cutest.  Thank you for looking at my page and for being awesome.


Email Me! (Because talking on the phone is the worst, right?)

Represented by Maggie Byer-Sprinzeles

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