about Apryl Stott

Oh! Hey! You clicked on my Bio & Contact! Now I can tell you that I have a new book coming out with Simon & Schuster called "Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light" and I am SO EXCITED!  Check out my Book Page and follow my socials for updates!  Hooray!


What?  More about me?  Ok, I grew up in Southern California. I left the beach to get my degree in Illustration & Design at Brigham Young University. After that I did an internship in NYC at HarperCollins. We now live in the wild, wild west (Reno, NV) where I spend my days drawing, searching pinterest and then drawing some more.  I have a family and a dog, and they're both the cutest.  I love Love LOVE illustrating and problem solving and creating and I'd love to work with you!


Call Me! (206) 427-7302

Or, better yet, Email Me! (Because talking on the phone is the worst, right?)  apryl@aprylstottdesign.com

Represented by Maggie Byer-Sprinzeles

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