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Gretchen Can

by Apryl Stott

Title: “Gretchen Can”

Written and Illustrated by: Apryl Stott

Children’s Book: Ages 3-6

Word Count: 233

Total Book Page Length: 32


Thanks for taking time to review “Gretchen Can," inspired by a tenacious, emotional and entertaining four-year-old. My goal with this story is to empower kids by recognizing their abilities, but also acknowledge their strong and confusing emotions. They can do hard things, they can help and contribute. But they can’t do everything. Sometimes they may hit a roadblock. Sometimes they hear “No!” and it makes them angry. Sometimes they don’t know what to do with their overwhelming four-year-old-but-still-very-real feelings. They may break down, throw a fit, or collapse on the floor in tears, but their family will still love them always, no matter what. (Please click through the image above for a slideshow of the complete "Gretchen Can" manuscript).


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